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Festivals, Sex & Suspicious Parents – Reality TV Show



BBC has found another way to ruin the EDM festival experience in UK.
Festivals, Sex & Suspicious Parents is a “funny/traumatic” reality TV show that ruins the life of British ravers at music festivals.
The producers pretend they are filming a group of friends on their first trip away from their families, let them go wild with giddy independence, then offer up a twist so cruel that Big Brother would steer clear, by revealing that their parents have been watching them all along.
Their parents have been viewing footage of those nights out on neon streets. They have seen them getting sunburned and drunk and snogging strangers. They have tutted as they passed out in the street, and flinched as they threw up in bins. The parents seem shaken and confused. Their children are, rightly, horrified!
Watch the first episode below, enjoy it!

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