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FKR Increases Environmental Awareness Through Music, “The Change”



FKR Increases Environmental Awareness Through Music, “The Change”
It’s our responsibility as humans to protect nature in order to have no regrets in the future. With this in mind, Canadian producer FKR wants to increase environmental awareness through his new single, “The Change”. The teaser video below is quickly gaining traction and has garnered the attention of young and old. Certainly, this clip gives you an idea of the whole composition which features a glorious piano House melody. On the other hand, he inserts vocal snippets from the popular Greta Thunberg’s speech that went viral. As a result, this creative genius wants to inspire people and make a positive impact by instilling a sense of action and transformation of consciousness. Please take a glimpse on the sneak preview below.

Official release date: February, 28th, 2020.

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You may wonder, who is FKR? Well, let’s start saying music runs through his veins. He inherited his father’s love for this art while learning to play guitar. He started DJing at the age of 17,  and his teenage life revolved around the turntablist battle scene. Today he’s quite involved into production and FKR symbolizes his rebirth as a new artist. Over the years, he experienced a transition from Rap to House music. Recently, he has launched his own independent label, Glowzoo Records, so keep your ears open for some sick tunes coming your way…



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