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Former “Nerd” DJ Is Now The Face of Emporio Armani



Yes sir! We are talking about Calvin Harris…

Former "Nerd" DJ Is Now The Face of Emporio Armani

He looked like the typical nerd DJ. He was a pale and scruffy brunette who favoured a battered leather jacket, hooded tops and loose jeans.

nerd dj

After being discovered on Myspace in 2006, he released his full debut album ‘I Created Disco in 2007′. His sound was influenced by electronic music of the 1980s. Years later, he made a remix for Rihanna, and became famous in the EDM scene.

What wasn’t acceptable in the 80s – and definitely not acceptable in the 90s – was Calvin’s sense of style.

calvin harris
And as he became a bigger success, so his style began to morph. The nerd DJ started, slowly, to give way to the chic. Eventually, he ditched the dye, got a trendy beard and refined his hair.

nerd dj
Believe it or not, today Calvin Harris is the new face for Emporio Armani’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign.

Former "Nerd" DJ Is Now The Face of Emporio Armani

The 30-year-old Scottish DJ and music producer models Emporio Armani Eyewear and Watch lines in the campaign shot by photographer Boo George, which will be unveiled in January.

Below, Calvin Harris shows off rippling abs for Armani!

nerd dj

By Erick Ycaza

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