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Francesco Costanzo Is Considered The Roberto Bolle of Modern Dance




francesco costanzo

“In the picture one of his high jumps two feet off the ground approximately”

Francesco Costanzo is a principal dancer, choreographer, international master teacher and creator of The Floor Barre Foundation. While he is considered by many as one of the finest experts in modern and classical dance, theater and art in Europe, he is also quickly gaining a reputation as a staunch supporter of gay artists, and recently co-founded an advocacy group called GayArtists as a way to further express support and advocacy for artists identifying as gay.

“This group is important to me because I know what it is like trying to launch an artistic career as a gay man”, Costanzo says, who co-founded the organization with other gay European artists.

From a very early age, Francesco fell in love with the study of the movement of the human body, and has led along and fruitful career in the artistic world. As a gay man however, he knew his career would be full of extra challenges and obstacles. Now after many years, he has helped start GayArtists as a way to make sure other gay artists never faced the difficulty he did.

Francesco comes from an incredibly deep background in classical dance and has studied with some of the finest masters of the art from around the world, completing coursework in Brussels, Milan and Paris. Some of his most notable instructors include David Suterland,Paolo Podini,Paolo Bortoluzzi,Floris, and Daniel Frank(Paris).

And the styles that has studied both in classical and modern ballet as: Bournonville, Balanchine, Merce Cunningham, Limon, Martha Graham, and many more.

He began his studies in classical dance with the Golaska Dance Theater Company, then led by Enzo Adorno and Barbara Golaska, in Sicily – Syracuse, where Archimedes lived. He then traveled to Milan to further his exploration of dance at the Teatro all Scala, and has studied with for a period during directed by Bella Ratchinskaja before finally moving on to Paris, where he perfected his studies among some of the most well-recognized and sought-after masters in the world.

Today, Francesco is recognized as one of the most influential and significant choreographers and principal dancers of Contemporary ballet modern alive, and has built a reputation as one of the best interpreters of Vaslav Nijinksy to date. He has also created many additional works of art dedicated to Nijinksy, who Francesco considers to be one of his great role models. In addition to his masterful work as a performer, Francesco has also done professional work as a choreographer and lecturer for the Academic Dance Teachers Association in Italy, as well as other professional organizations around Europe.

His name is Francesco Costanzo and is considered the Roberto Bolle of modern dance has created many modern choreography for NijinskyHaving been raised up by some of history’s greatest masters, Francesco in turn has mentored other up and coming performers eager to learn from him. He has taught numerous courses in dance and Pilates techniques, and was also the first to teach the Boris Kniaseff method in Milan, starting in 1987. Since introducing that method to the region, it has grown and developed into a very well-received methodology which has ushered in a large expansion of characterization and techniques.

In addition to extensive experience in education, Francesco has also served as an artistic director and artistic consultant with Marco Borelli (his great personal friend) and his former manager Roberto Bolle, as well as many other Etoile throughout the world. He met artists, and princial dancer Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev, Roberto Bolle and many others.

When he is not pursuing his passion for dancing and choreography, you will find Francesco painting or creating postmodern sculptures. He also is a great lover of animals and adores spending time with his cats and he has many followers around the world on Twitter and Facebook.


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