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Fresh Samples at has been creating sample packs for the Akai MPC and other wav sample devices/programs for over 10 years. They are experts at sampling sounds from keyboards, drum machines, kids toys, and any other noise making devices. takes care of all the laborious work of trimming and tweaking the samples. All you have to do is import them into your favorite sampler and bang out the beats! One of their specialties is circuit bent electronic samples. They circuit bend (re-wire) keyboards and electronic toys to produce some really unique sounds. Then, they sample those sounds to create complete wav file kits.
Who would have thought that you could create mesmerizing beats from mangled electronic toys?
Be sure to check out their entire “Bent” circuit bending collection (volumes 1-3 as of this writing).
They’re affordable and a great value considering all of the work that goes into that type of original sampling. Other kits on their site are samples of popular and obscure drum machines and keyboards. Instantly download your purchase after payment too!
Visit and check out the demos. I think you’ll like what you hear
Fresh Samples at

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