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From Demo To Discovery… Pet Shop Boys Drop “The Lost Room”



The Pet Shop Boys just dropped the music video for their newest Electro-Pop single “The Lost Room.Best of all, it’s part of their recent 5-track EP ‘Lost,’ which features unreleased demos from their old album ‘Super.’

What’s more, the duo used footage from the 1966 film ‘Young Törless’ to represent the narrative behind “The Lost Room.” According to Neil Tennant, the cuts on the EP all have a cohesive electronic sound and some of them even feel relevant to the current world situation.

If I’m not mistaken, the concept of this new material refers to a larger, philosophical, or political point where the world sometimes feels directionless.

Pet Shop Boys Drop “The Lost Room” music video
In addition to the EP release, the Pet Shop Boys announced a massive box set called ‘SMASH – The Singles 1985-2020’. It’s a comprehensive collection of their greatest hits spanning over 35 years, available in various formats.

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, the geniuses behind Pet Shop Boys, mentioned that this box set is a way for them to reflect on their incredible career as they embark on a new album and gear up for their upcoming ‘Dreamworld’ Greatest Hits Tour.



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