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Future Bass

Futuristic & Epic Music To Your Ears By Chase The Parrot



Futuristic & Epic Music To Your Ears By Chase The Parrot
New artists like Chase The Parrot are opening their minds to innovate within the electronic music genre. These two adrenaline-driven brothers distinguish themselves with a futuristic and epic style. One clear example is their latest Future Bass track, “clear_Memory”. Without a doubt, it is built around pleasant chord progressions, light synths, and 808 kicks. Labels like Monstercat, Bitbird, and OWLSA represent a big influence on their sound, as well as, Justice, Empire of the Sun and the Prodigy.

The masterminds behind this project were immersed in the world of music from a very young age. Eventually, they developed a unique rhythm and feel confident with their skills. Nowadays, they are looking forward to releasing their first EP by the end of February. Not to mention, Chase The Parrot is also keen to collaborate with other electronic music producers. Live shows and festivals is another ambitious goal to be attained soon. For those of you who love melodies surrounding the realms of vibrant Future Bass, Electronica, Pop and everything in between, then stay tuned on their socials below.


By Erick Ycaza

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