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Gary Louca Takes Pop & Classical To New Heights In “Memories”



Memories Gary Louca
Gary Louca
, in collaboration with other writers and producers, has created a soundtrack for his animated project The Spirit of Toronto. Certainly, they made sure each song fit the vibe of the different scenes and episodes in the story, taking you on a musical adventure.

Among the songs is “Memories,a special Pop and Classical crossover ballad that features this amazing duo called Trovatori (Darren & Caroline Clarke).

Gary had only recorded a demo of the track at first, but he realized it needed something more, so he went looking for an operatic singer to help out. That’s how he found Trovatori, and they killed it. Not to mention, they even added an awesome outro part in Italian.

The music is super good, with a really beautiful orchestral background that gives you the proper atmosphere that arouses fantasy. People loved it so much that one of the remixes of “Memories” made it to number 11 on the USA Masspool Dance Chart!

The Spirit of Toronto is Gary Louca’s first attempt at creating a TV/streaming show. In fact, he spent over two years revising and refining the concept with the help of Thayen Rich, a talented illustrator from the UK.

Together, they have already produced several short episodes, which will be released on Gary Louca’s YouTube channel. Moreover, the series is based on a true story about a magical book called “Wan Sam” that Gary Louca found in the loft of his home in Portsmouth, UK.

The book contains stories and adventures from Ancient Magical China, Wild West USA, Victorian UK, and current times, following the journey of one man in these places, including a love story.

You can watch the official trailer below.



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