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Want Gay Dance Songs? Hear Armando Pavone’s “Plastic Boy”



I’m totally convinced that gay dance songs can put anyone in a good mood. So, you gotta listen to “Plastic Boy” by Armando Pavone, who did something iconic to celebrate this Pride month.

Who Is Armando Pavone?

Born in Salerno, Italy, the City of Lights and Love, Armando Pavone is a talented 43-year-old singer and songwriter. In fact, his latest gems are written in English to easily reach an international audience.

I also have to highlight his participation in the tenth edition of The X Factor in his homeland, which really opened doors for him in the entertainment world.

What’s more, Armando Pavone describes himself as a dream explorer, and you can tell he’s definitely taking big steps to achieve his artistic goals.

gay dance songs

Music Video Inspiration: A Real-Life Story

Apparently, the music video for “Plastic Boy” is based on a real-life story. Despite telling a sad tale where the main character lives a double life in a still macho society, this is one of the best gay dance songs you’ll come across in 2024!

In the visuals, shirtless sexy men dance with complete freedom while Armando Pavone delights your ears with his impressive voice and the addictive chorus of this tune.

And honestly, it’s not surprising that there are many marriages like the one depicted at the beginning and end of this clip. Instead of deceit, it would be best to live authentically as oneself.

Armando Pavone Plastic Boy music video
On the other hand, the lyrics of “Plastic Boy” talk about a somewhat complex relationship where there is dominance, control, and even a certain level of possessiveness.

Above all of this, it’s hard to resist the rhythm of the electronic melodies. It’ll make your feet move whether you want to or not.

That said, get ready to groove to this irresistible beat!



By Erick Ycaza

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