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Get The Latest Celebrity News In Morocco Thanks To Salah-Eddine OUAZRI



Celebrity News In Morocco
Salah-Eddine OUAZRI
, is a young Moroccan influencer from the city of Mohammedia. He’s currently the one running the notorious Instagram page ‘Et_Morocco_News’ which is a celebrity news outlet that highlights their daily content and craft.

OUAZRI’s news outlet doesn’t limit itself to just the showbiz world, it sheds a light on various topics from regular daily events happening in Morocco, to other subjects that are related to the country.

The page itself ‘Et_Morocco_News’ has gained a massive following worldwide, reaching over 200K (as of today) and is followed by various Moroccan and Arab celebrities such as the famous Moroccan producer RedOne, whose craft helped put Lady Gaga on top of the music industry internationally.

Salah-Eddine OUAZRI
There’s no doubt that Salah-Eddine OUAZRI’s unique strategy and vision will keep pushing the notorious Instagram page to new limits and go beyond social media norms.

Being an influencer isn’t an easy task, and OUAZRI knows that; that is the reason why he’s always adjusting his style to fit new ways and changes that affect the social media platforms on a regular basis.

Over 200.000 people rely on OUAZRI to deliver the latest in Morocco, whether it’s music-related, film, art, sports or even politics. With that being said, ‘Et_Morocco_News’ is arguably one of the hottest news outlets in Morocco, if not the hottest. That’s up to debate.

For more information, visit the Instagram page:


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