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Get To Know Hip-Hop Lyricist ShoTunez & His Dope Album, ‘The Pif Trap’



Get To Know Hip-Hop Lyricist & Producer ShoTunez & His Dope Album!
Hip-Hop and Trap crossover sounds seem to predominate in ShoTunez‘s dope album, ‘The Pif Trap’. He is part of the growing lists of artists who support lifting cannabis prohibition in the world. Indeed, he got popular thanks to the track, “i smoke weed”, released back in 2014. Influenced by Hempfest, a free speech event in Seattle that advocates the decriminalization of marijuana, ShoTunez isn’t afraid to use art to raise his voice in protest.

Nowadays, the Orlando-based Hip-Hop lyricist and producer returns to enhance once again the magic plant’s properties with a 10-track material. For sure, the great combination of dark electronic rhythms + clever rhymes generates laid-back yet easily danceable songs. Not to mention, the glitchy SFX work which surround this project sets the ideal tone for the mind-expanding process. Overall, a perfect balance between complex and simple sonic elements. Check this out!



By Erick Ycaza

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