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Get Your Band On Digital Channels, And Fast



Starting a band may at first seem like a passion project, but if it’s going to pay the bills, you may want to treat it like a business. Promotion is a band’s form of advertising, and what better way than to access the single biggest platform of all: YouTube? According to studies, the top ten music videos share a collective viewership of over 66 million. Digital promotion is not only one of the fastest ways to reach a wide ocean of fans, but it also spans some of the fastest-growing platforms on Earth.

Social Media As A Starting Point

For many bands, social media may seem like the only digitally viable route to follow for promotion. While social media can play a big part in band promotion, there is a large portion of the internet that still needs to be covered. That being said, for a band to gain digital traction, social media is a good place to start. This means setting up those Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and scheduling tweets on Twitter at the right time. Social media is an important component of fan engagement, pretty much how businesses would use it as a means of customer engagement.

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The Right Approach To Streaming Services

One of the biggest reasons artists are slow to upload their tracks to streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora is the relatively low income generated from these sites. According to research, Spotify pays artists around $0.006 to $0.084 per stream to the holder of the music rights. That means it will take a significant amount of streams before an artist even earns a dollar. However, streaming services should be considered as one of the artist’s growth strategies, as this is a vehicle for advertising which is similar to that of a business.

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Collaboration Across Channels

One of the best ways to gain traction on promotion across the digital channels is by partnering with a brand that you would like your music to be associated with. This includes partnering with productivity apps for musicians who produce ambient and instrumental music, or fitness apps for those who produce something a little more athletic. Songwriting for games and music scores for streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are also great ways to bump up collaborations.

In the age of Indie music, it’s important to get the basics of digital band promotion down as a means to complement physical band promotions.

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