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Get Your Sweat On With Silent Theory



Get Your Sweat On With Silent Theory
That’s right it is that time of the year again when the sweaters and jumpers start making their come back. We can all agree that it is not quite coat season yet but it is still not warm enough to be running around in a t-shirt. However, what do you do when all the jumpers and sweaters around you are all Christmas themed with reindeers and little elves jumping around?

Well with so many amazing streetwear designers around these days coming to our jumper and sweater rescue, there is no chance that we will get stuck with such limited jumper options this year. Although there are many streetwear designers, not all of them get the casual sweater look just right the way Silent Theory do.

I was browsing around on the internet one day when I came across the Silent Theory range on The Selectiv’s website and was surprised at the wide range of products they showcase in their collection. Silent Theory’s range of street wear clothing on The Selectiv has got to be the most diverse and definitely the best brands that The Selectiv have on offer.

As winter is coming (Game of Thrones reference intended), we all need to start busting out our winter gear and for some of us update our winter wardrobes. If you want to keep your winter wardrobe low cost and easy to update then all you really need are a few solid pieces that you can mix and match and wear for more than one season. Sweaters are a big must when the temperatures start to dip, especially when it’s not quite coat season yet.

I picked out a few of my favourite sweaters from The Selctiv’s Silent Theory range, check them out below:

Selctiv’s Silent Theory

These are the Nimis Knit Crew Sweaters that come in Grey and Raison. The great thing about these sweaters is that they will look great with which ever pair of jeans or trainers you feel like wearing that day. They’re great at keeping you warm through the winter and perfect for the awkward ‘is it time to get our coats out yet’ seasons.

The way that fashion is constantly evolving and changing, you can be sure that these sweaters can be worn for more than one season and will definitely stand the test of time as The Silent Theory range is known for offering high quality goods. These sweaters are definitely versatile and you can carry them from day to night so there is no need for you to rush home after work to get changed for your night out with the lads!

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