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Get Yourself The Best Wireless Headphones Of 2018!



Get Yourself The Best Wireless Headphones Of 2018!
In our ongoing quest for a better listening experience, these wireless Master & Dynamic MW50s are our latest squeeze. The US brand, who’ve been around since 2013, and have come up with a pair of headphones that have a distinct over-ear quality. They feel reassuringly solid, made as they are from stainless steel and brushed aluminum, and they’re a lovely snug fit, with the lambskin/memory foam ears pads making prolonged use a breeze. The MW50s, with their 40mm beryllium drivers, deliver a crisp, rich sound when hooked up to our hi-res player banging out a bit of Underworld. The bass wasn’t at all swampy, it was rather subtle if anything, but nicely so. At $332 USD. on eBay, they’re not cheap, no, but sure do ooze quality.

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