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Getting More Playlist Followers On Spotify



Followers On Spotify
Thanks to Spotify’s promise of making music available to everyone, more people than ever before can enjoy music. With such a large platform streaming in millions of songs by talented artists, this platform is continuing to grow and the competition is getting fierce. Ads a tastemaker for Spotify, you want others to listen to your playlists as frequently as possible.

As Spotify approaches the definition of “social network”, more people than ever before are expanding on this transition. By choosing the right promotions and implementing them, producers now have the wherewithal to grow the following and manipulate the results. Let’s examine how to develop a stellar playlist and develop the right followers and grow your Spotify in short order.

1. Know Your Listeners

Your listeners have wants and needs just like you do. Even if your forte is creating songs, Spotify will allow you the chance to think outside the box regarding your target audience. You’re in the territory whereby you can promote your art and the more successful you are, the faster your audience will grow. Thus, put yourself in your listener’s shoes and focus on what they’re going to want. To do this, you’ll first have to define your target audience. Who is the target audience? Will they enjoy this type of music? What will they want to hear? Are there other genres that you’ll want to share even if you’re not making that sort of music?

Only after giving this much thought and considering the fans will you be able to target the right audience for your account.

2. Plan Your Marketing

According to Brian Tracy, “every minute spent planning will save 10 minutes of execution”. So, take a moment to sit down with pen and paper and list out all of the ways that you can expand on your Spotify list from purchasing Spotify plays to sharing on social media. Keep this list handy for reference and take the time to break each strategy into smaller tasks so that you can accomplish them. Stick with one task at a time until you have exhausted all the potential ways to use it and then move on.

3. Take Advantage Of Social Media

Leverage your social media accounts and share your Spotify to expand on your views. Today, more than ever before, everyone is on social media. So, create your own professional page and brand and design your Spotify to share. Post related content and give your audience a brand and a value. Grow the following and promote your playlist.

4. Discover Other Playlist Websites And Enroll In Them

There are many websites that network together with other playlists and you’ll want to find these and use them to help promote your own website. You can collaborate with the Playlists and find these on Android as well as iOS app stores. This app will give you the option of random playlists on Spotify and you can spot themes and add your own playlist to the score. You’ll gain new fans daily when you use this method.

5. Post Your Playlist

Reddit has a sublist that allows you to use “Spotify Playlists” and host competitions wherein the best playlists are all coveted and prized. Just link yours to these and you’ll be on your way. This will gain you organic traffic that will flow smoothly and immediately to your site. Reddit has a high-ranking authority and when it hits the search engines you’ll see that the users can share and share alike and soon, your posts will be viral. It only takes a matter of hours. You can Scale on this and add even more playlists.

6. Take Advantage Of The Playlist Exchange

On Spotify, you can use the special forum that allows you to post your playlist and give it a brief description of the genre, mission, and the targeted audience. Be sure that you also tag the related genres as well as the keywords. This will help you to expand the forum post.

7. Stay In Touch With Others

One way to do this is to build up a network with music creators who extend the community. Learn what your fans are listening to and note the artists and bands that they’re following. This will help you to expand your audience as well. You’ll open up new avenues that may also allow you to expand your audience and it’s all coming from the communities that you’re joining.

Similarly, choose influencers that aren’t necessarily musicians to expand even more. You can find your own fanbase and reach out politely to ask them to share your playlist on their own social media pages. You may offer to write a track for their use or send them merchandise to help offset the courtesy.

8. Be Consistent

Create content consistently to ensure that you’re keeping your Spotify up to date. It’s not just talent or luck, it’s consistency to gain you more followers. The more consistent you are the more followers you’re going to gain.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.