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Ghost Of A DJ Interview 2016



Ghost Of A DJ Interview 2016
The most revealing interview ever with the mysterious producer Ghost Of A DJ. The emerging artist shared with us all the details about his music in general. Discover his true identity now!

1. When and where did you start producing music?

I’ve been on the scene for a number of years and started out playing around in the studio of a friend who’s in the music industry.

2. Why do you wear a mask?

The mask is like a disco ball on acid. It is covered in gold and black Swarovski crystals. While a disco ball is made of many tiny mirrors that refract light, each crystal on the mask refracts an entire rainbow spectrum on its own. However, like a disco ball, as the music takes you on small journeys, the mask adds depth to the scene. The fact that the beauty in all of this can only be captured live by the human eye, not a camera, makes the experience when I perform infinitely more personal. Ultimately, it represents my journey and as someone who is passionate about art, while appreciating the gems of mystery, it serves its purpose.

3. How is your sound different from other producers?

There are technical reasons (in technique) and fundamental reasons. Fundamentally, my influence is very broad in spectrum and therefore I naturally paint with elements from decades of music across a number of genres.

4. How do you usually name your tracks?

I have song ideas coming into my head almost every day. Some of them are deeper visions and when they are, I have the name right away. Otherwise, it happens later in the songwriting process — the melody takes me there.

5. What were your influences for “Caravan”?

There is rich influence from a time when deep exploration with synthesizers met rhythm, for example, “E.V.A.” by Jean-Jacques Perrey. There are some house, as well as disco accents in there too. When writing the lyrics, there was a general 70s influence and vocal melody was just a raw soul approach.

6. Are there any unorthodox production techniques that help you define your sound?

Absolutely. Everything I do is in analog. The sounds, the sequencing, the mixing, EQ, effects, you name it. I have a couple of Fireface UFX interfaces for recording since the end result has to be digital anyway, but I use the standalone USB recording feature. I don’t use a DAW and I don’t use a PC or Mac in the studio.

7. Describe your sound in less than three words.


8. Do you have a favorite music genre to DJ?

Deep House.

9. Who would you like to collaborate with?

Lorde, The Weeknd, Karen Harding. I’d love to do something with Skrillex too. I’m really open to working with anyone, though.

10. What are your goals for 2016?

Ultimately to just get my music out there and continue to expand. I have a lot of material that I’m working on. If my music can make people feel something, even better.


By Erick Ycaza

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