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Give Chaos A Break – Get The Navigator



Meet Raluca & Alex, two Romanian architects and designers who created the first modular planner for professionals. The brand is called and they’re building The Navigator.

“We wanted to build a state of art product, and I feel we have achieved it by combining design with great features and prime quality materials. We wanted the product itself to be an experience” – Alex (The builder)

Over the last 9 months, they’ve built and refined many prototypes. The very first prototype was handcrafted and stitched by a leather artisan. They were keen to achieve simplicity and sincerity, so decided to handcraft the next prototypes by themselves, in their workshop (no sewing, no glue just hand cut raw leather). Because they are obsessed with perfection and details, the last prototype’s cover was made using a laser cutting machine, without changing the raw look and feel of the leather.

The moment you lay hands on it, you’ll first feel the softness of the 2.5 mm thick leather, and then you’ll notice all the little details: the rounded corners, the outline, and cut-outs specially designed for the yellow elastic strip to fit perfectly on the leather cover. As you open the Navigator, you’ll enjoy the inner part of the cover in smooth suede. The 3-rings binder system brings versatility to the Navigator allowing you to add/remove/rearrange all the pages, inserts, and extensions tailored to your day to day needs. The inner pages are all packed between two see-through plastic sheets that provide writing support when there’s no solid base to write on. The Italian ivory paper is smooth & elegant, and on top of that, due to its thickness, it is ink friendly too.

“Because we believe that life is a journey, we have created The Navigator following the same principle.”- Raluca (The Designer)

Give Chaos A Break - Get The Navigator
As soon as you open it, it encourages you to see the overall picture starting with a three years plan, one year plan and short terms plan (6 and 3 months). Furthermore, it enables you to get into more details on the monthly and weekly planning and review sheets. The week at a glance layout allows you to flow with ease within the daily actions and promises, from the morning rituals to the late evening routines. Showing up daily and chasing your dream will eventually end up with finding your magical formula to live a better life.

The planner is modular because it’s made out of different extensions for multiple purposes. We have started with a general business extension, a personal extension, and the Architect’s extensions. Their plan is to create extensions for even more professions and purposes.

They’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign and have high hopes that The Navigator will change lives.

If you want to see how they will build The Navigator follow their Facebook page. If you want to order the product at its introductory price go to Indiegogo Campaign or Website.


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