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Glüme Is Everything You Need! Watch Her New Video “What Is A Feeling”



Glüme is a name you’ll want to discover if you consider yourself a lover of Electro-Pop. Besides announcing the release date of her upcoming album ‘The Internet’ (April 30th), she also promotes the visuals for the lead single “What Is A Feeling.The delicate texture her voice adds to the metaphorical lyrics is pure gold. Indeed, she philosophizes about “What Is A Feeling” in a deep way as no one ever has. Best of all, the American singer has amassed over 40K views in just 5 days via the Youtube channel of Italians Do It Better.

What Is A Feeling Glüme

Between the lyrics and the synth-based melodies, it’s hard to choose the essential ingredient that makes this song so appealing. On a side note, the origin of this gem has to do with her doctor who informed her that emotional pain affects her physical condition. Despite this, nothing stops her to bring out all the creativity she is known for.



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