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Google Glass Has Its Sights Set On Music



Will Google Glass revolutionize the music industry?

google-glassAccording to earlyadopters of the wearable computer — the odds are in the new technology’s favor. Live concerts streamed through Google Glass, saved playlists available on command and the possibility of remotely recording music are just a few of the ways the head-mounted computer slowly is making a mark on the industry.

Google Glass. which retails for approximately $1.500 USD. became available for sale in the United States in May and in the United Kingdom on June 23.

In September, Samsung reportedly will release a Google Glass competitor.

The Google Glass Explorer program launched approximately two years ago, with a wide range of individuals involved.

Some months ago, a DJ called Young Guru filmed a promotional video for the product last fall to showcase Google Glass’ music abilities. In the clip, the producer uses the wearable computer to identify a song, locate the record and then spin it in the studio.

Other capabilities of Google Glass that have been added since its initial inception include scanning saved playlists and listening to music in high fidelity. Similar to the iPhone app Shazam, Google Glass now can be used to identify songs, just by asking!

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