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Feel The Electronic Beats Of Eiffelo’s “Orenalla Tales” Inside You!



Orenalla Tales

Designed by Visual Atelier 8

In order to feel the music inside you, do yourself a favor and grab your best headphones. Furthermore, when the second release from Eiffelo seems to be a masterpiece. Once again this talented Producer residing in London explores the realm of contemporary electronic music. As an artist passionate about the world’s history, he took inspiration from the Spanish explorer Francisco Orellana. This character is known as the first person who navigated the Amazon river and also for his quest of finding the city of El Dorado. Certainly, you will notice he experiments with tribal elements on “Orenalla Tales”, which recall sounds of Mother Nature. Nevertheless, Eiffelo does not distance himself from his signature Electronica as he delivers mysticism + dark vibes in the atmosphere. After all, it’s incredible all the emotions music conveys without the use of vocals. Of course, this is due to a good sound design that embraces Bonobo, Adriatique, and Tale of Us’ influence. Just let the sonic journey begins by clicking play below.



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