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GRAVEDGR Drops “6 FEET UNDER” –– First Single From His Debut Album



Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive GRAVEDGR, for he has mortally sinned. In his new single “6 FEET UNDER” the nefarious Producer shows his darkest side yet with the confession of a series of murders in the name of cleansing the world from evil. In the heavy-hitting and yet predominantly lyrical track, our vigilante anti-hero repents for the harm he has caused to “bad people” and asks forgiveness for his future transgressions, as he seems gripped by inner demons that render him unable to stop his path of destruction. “6 FEET UNDER” begins a story that will unfold throughout the rest of GRAVEDGR’s upcoming debut album, told from the perspective of someone with good intentions with evil repercussions. Justice is sometimes a twisted path, isn’t it?

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Take one look at GRAVEDGR, and it’s easy to see where his name comes from – constantly donning black attire and his signature face mask, it’s no surprise that his day job is literally digging graves. All the time spent contemplating mortality must have inspired his musical sound, which can be summed up as simultaneously scary, melodic and hard. Having made his debut performances during insane shows at EDC Las Vegas and LA’s El Rey Theatre last summer, this mysterious character also seems to have a knack for creating catchy music that always works the crowd into a frenzy. “6 FEET UNDER” is GRAVEDGR’s 7th release on Heavyweight Records since his debut single “RAMPAGE,” which has amassed over 11M streams on Spotify alone, as well as follow-ups “JESSE JAMES,” BE WARY,” “KAMIKAZE” and more. GRAVEDGR has already inspired a cult following and is about to drop his highly anticipated first studio album, so stay tuned for more new tracks soon!



By Erick Ycaza

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