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Grey Wiese Reveals New Pop Song “I Set You Free”



Grey Wiese Reveals New Song "I Set You Free"
Infused with the kind of vibrancy and melancholy more often reserved for a dream sequence, Grey Wiese spills into the Pop scene with this track. Pop is often categorized as either bubblegum or mature as if the two are mutually exclusive. Grey Wiese brings the two together and that doesn’t make his music any less smart, thoughtful or worthy.

Grey Wiese is a German artist who started his music career with cover songs by publishing them on the Internet. This brought him significant attention on social networks, alone his Instagram account counts nearly half million followers.

Now, as Grey moves forward in his music career, he aims to continue to expand his catalog with original music. In his latest release, “I Set You Free”, he is not afraid to reveal his feelings and put them on display. His vocal flamboyancy is a fantastic selling point, and it comes alongside a knack for ear-worms and choruses that stem from that bright and vivacious trait.

The track is now available on all digital music platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

Grey Wiese is an independent talent very much worth keeping tabs on in the years to come!



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