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Guide On Choosing The Best Audio Editing Software



Get your audio editing career off the ground with the right software.

Audio editing might be a reasonable niche career choice, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a bunch of software out there that you can choose to use. After all, while it’s not as obvious of a career as say, teaching, there are still a huge variety of industries that might need audio editors. You could get into movies, music production, ringtones, training videos, and advertising – lots of possibilities.

Audio editing software will be the cornerstone of your entire career, so choosing the right one is essential. But then, what if you don’t even know what you want from your software? Or what operating system you’ll be running it on? Or your budget?

We can help you figure out where to make that all-important investment. Here are our picks for the best of the best:

Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro)

Pretty much the best audio editing software there is, Adobe Audition has powerful features including multi-track editing, clip editing features such as mirrored fades, support for most audio formats and ‘auto ducking’ (using AI to figure out places to lower the volume of background tracks). Audition also has a whole host of available plugins, so you can customize your experience. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. However, it can be a bit complicated for beginners and isn’t the best pick for music producers.

For more about the software formerly-known-as Cool Edit Pro, visit

adobe audition
Ableton Live

Unlike Audition, Ableton is a great pick for people looking to get into music production. It has a massive suite of features and supports both MIDI and unlimited audio tracks, plus a large 256 mono input and output channels. However, it’s missing some features that are standard in other software, including pitch correction.

Audacity is famous for being free. Yep, free. Completely and utterly free. This open-source powerhouse is accessible to anyone looking to get started with audio editing and has a lot more incredible features than you’d expect from free software. It has tons of effects, including noise removal, bass, treble, distortion, and lots more. Audacity also has several analysis tools such as a beat finder and silence finder and supports almost all audio formats. Did we mention it’s free?

Logic Pro X

A.k.a. the Apple one, Logic Pro X isn’t the most accessible option as it’s only available for devices running Apple systems. That aside, if you can use it, you’ll be delighted with it. This is one of the best audio editing software products in the game. It’s packed with excellent features, including both beginner and professional editors, the ability to time-match different tracks, and even the ability to change the timing of a single note without having to take it out of the track.

Logic also has a vast library of pre-recorded sounds and patches that are freely available to users, and a crazy amount of plugins that come as standard.

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