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Hazeline Taffe’s Motivational Songs Can Renew Your Soul — Interview



motivational songs Hazeline Taffe

In this interview, Canadian-based singer Hazeline Taffe opens up about how her motivational songs can have a positive impact on you. Sometimes life can be tough, but music is always there to cheer you up. Taking this into account, she uses her talent to compose beautiful lyrics that are so relatable to many people. Discover her art and learn more about her story right here.

1- When did you start writing and recording music as an independent singer?

Hazeline Taffe is a Canadian citizen, and her former birth country is Jamaica. I am an Alma mater of Sheridan College and York University. My musical journey began in a very difficult time in my life, after enduring a tremendous amount of social suffering. It was a difficult struggle for me to move forward with the loss of my daughter, wondering why she had to die.

Amongst having to deal with this loss, there were other challenges to overcome like dealing with the diagnosis of my mother with cancer in 2017. Hence my music creation was a source of strength and empowerment for me to channel my way through these barriers, and find assurance in God; that he is with me through it all.

2 – Are the lyrics of your songs a reflection of your personal life?

Yes, definitely, they are the source of my strength, healing, and empowerment. These songs have the power to change, renew, and restore a dying soul. The Lyrics in my songs are reflecting change whether it may be spiritual, social, and economic change. Through my personal struggle, I am able to inspire change in others who face similar struggles in their life.

3 – Which artists have had the most influence on your sound?

Growing up as a child I have always been a great fan of Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson, and Kenny Rogers. Though they may not be a direct influence on my sound, certainly I have great admiration for these artists because they sing from their soul. I believe some of the best songs ever created are from them. A true artist creates from their soul and the music that’s coming in the mind and that’s where all my music is coming from.

4 – Your most-streamed work to date is your latest EP ‘Strength N Dreams’. What makes this material so special?

‘Strength N Dreams’ is a two-track EP comprised of songs ranging from the genres: Reggae Rock, and epic Pop classics. The double duo lyrical content is dynamic, motivating, and inspirational. “Strength” seeks to challenge ideological ideas of how a group or nation views an individual. Making references to the ideology, and mythical norm; and how these ideas can potentially become a barrier in an individual’s life. The lyric is empowering individuals to rise up with strength despite the obstacles, challenges, and barriers.

On the flip-side, “Dreams” is tailored to motivate, and inspire the mind of individuals through the author’s connection to the song to peruse their dreams despite the odds. ‘Strength N Dreams’ goes hand in hand. It is possible to live your dreams, but you must have the strength as the catalyst to make those dreams possible.

5 – Who did you collaborate with?

Throughout my musical journey thus far and on this EP, I have collaborated with a musician based in Toronto, Canada, Daniel Rosenoer in executing all my musical work. He is a very talented pianist and he takes care of all the technical roles of the project.

6 – Which song did you feel the proudest of? Why?

While all the songs I have created thus far are great, I am being placed in a difficult position to choose, a few songs stood out the most to me, such as Finally, Strength, Dreams amongst others. But if I were to choose the song I feel the proudest of, I would say “True Friend,” which embraces hope for a new life when everything is lost. Also, it illustrates the path sometimes in which we have to travel to reach that light of hope by making reference to universal appeals.

piano-pop melody
7 – As an artist what type of listeners do you want to attract?

My music is appealing to attract listeners who are lovers of Christian Soul, Reggae, and Classic music. My brand is centered on creating music geared to inspire change not just in one aspect but in multiple aspects. “I believe to achieve the change we first need to examine what it is we need to change.” That’s what Hazeline’s musical production is tailored to do.

8 – I noticed you released a new song about COVID-19, please tell us more about its message.

“The Battle of the Cov-19” highlights some important key areas of humanity as it relates to the social, economic, and religious aspects of an individual’s life. The lyrical content is aspiring to engage the listener’s attention through different series of questions, which they can reflect on. Further extending its message to the social communities, and implications of life, and empowering the audience to draw comfort in light of hope that there are better days ahead.

9 – I’m sure you still have a lot of material that hasn’t been released yet. What can we expect from Hazeline Taffe in 2021?

This year we have great releases which will focus on different topics such as history and the biblical philosophy of Jesus Christ, just to name a few. It promises to be an awakening, enlightening, and hopefully inspires change. Maybe a few singles in the mix as well. The name of the album will be told at a later date.

10 – Finally, what is your motto in life?

My motto in life is “making the best of everything life throws at you just as long as you don’t stop believing.”



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