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Health Benefits Of Roller Skating



Roller skating is ranked among the best aerobic exercises according to the American Heart Association and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. Roller skating is a workout that involves almost all of the body’s muscles and, in particular, the heart. The National Institute for Fitness and Sports claims that roller skating works most of the major muscle groups (glutes, quads, abdomen, calves and arms) The American Heart Association proclaims that roller skating is equivalent to bicycling and jogging as a cardio workout. It’s not a lot of fun to exercise by yourself, which is the case with most forms of exercise. Roller skating is a sport where you can find yourself in a group of literally hundreds of people doing the same thing. They are not at the skating rink for exercise; they are there for the fun, music, lights and socializing. When starting to roller skate, remember to first relax, bend your knees and find your dominant leg and push off with it.
Health Benefits
  • Low-impact exercise for joints
  • High caloric burn
  • Aerobically as good as jogging or cycling
  • Involves all the major muscle groups
  • Mentally uplifting
  • Fun, hip and possibly glamorous

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