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Henrix Releases Raverz EP + Gives Away $528 Worth Munitio Gear



Henrix Releases Raverz EP + Gives Away $528 Worth Munitio Gear“This one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation…” – That line was received by ravers from all over the world when Steve Angello played a certain track at Creamfields two years ago in 2013 that had the EDM world buzzing with excitement. This explosive track is none other than Henrix’s collaboration with Adrien Mezsi (who recently released “DNCE” with Max Vangeli on Size Records), “Raverz”, which quickly became a fan favorite. It’s not hard to imagine why: “Raverz” was produced whenever EDM was in its unadulterated heyday and teleports the listener back to their first huge festival experience. Pair it with “Bruh”, the second track on this new EP, and you have a killer combination of energetic melodies and massive drops. “Bruh” is an ultimate club anthem and will undoubtedly be shaking dance floors around the world.

The Raverz EP calls to life the pulsating lights, the bass that throbs in your chest, and those goose bumps that involuntarily surface when the crowd collectively goes wild over the drop of a track. It’s an assault to the senses in the best way possible with relentless beats, a nostalgic big-room feel and that one memorable line that instantly serves to unite EDM fans. Although Henrix has made his name primarily through his energetic club performances, he has always been an advocate of the real rave community.


Download Raverz EP on Beatport and get a chance to win $349 worth Munitio Pro40 headphones or $179 Munitio Nines earphones. To enter the contest just email a copy of your Beatport purchase receipt to [email protected]. Winners will be selected on 9th of October 2015.

By Erick Ycaza

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