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Here’s How To Buy Fashionable Men’s Fishing Shoes



fishing shoes
Are you planning a fishing trip anytime soon? If you are one of the many people who are continually disappointed by the low-quality shoes that keep getting wet, lack good grip, and shoes that are infested with mold or the one that smells after getting wet?

This guide will help you select men’s fashionable fishing shoes. With this article, we help you not only buy a fashionable fishing shoe but a shoe that will have your back day in and day out.

Types of Fishing Shoes

The style of fishing shoe that you want to buy would depend on the type of fishing you want to pursue.

From shallow water fishing to fly fishing, just like fishing gear, there are different kinds of fishing shoes.

Water Shoes:

Water shoes are ideal for shallow water fishing, made from leather, mesh, and rubber, these shoes provide good grip and do not absorb water. You can opt for water sandals if you have to get in and out of the water repeatedly.

For Kayak Fishing:

For kayak fishing, you can opt for shoes that are lightweight with soles that can drain water. These shoes should cling to your feet like a second skin to help you paddle through water without the shoes coming off your feet.


Waders are the most preferred type of fishing shoe. These shoes are perfect for fly fishing as they provide full body protection and prevent you from getting wet.

For Ice Water Fishing:

Select shoes that can provide protection from ice, cold, water, and wind. Along with providing a superior grip to prevent slipping on ice, these shoes should also provide insulation to protect your feet from the cold.


Invest in a shoe that can withstand heavy and rough use. Soles of your fishing shoes should be stitched since they are the most durable. To avoid sand or debris from getting inside, the shoe tongue should be sewn directly to the shoe side. Select a men’s fishing shoe that has plenty of drainage hole and are made from superior quality.


Look for a water-repellant material for obvious reasons. Your fishing shoes should offer low or zero water absorption with unmatched durability even after being constantly immersed in water. They should be mold and odor resistant too.

Nubuck is a new type of synthetic leather that can repel water and is taking the industry by storm. Sole Type Take your pick from felt, rubber, studded or cleated soles. Rubber soles will take the shape of the surface that you are stepping on while the felt soles offer superior grip and are perfect for fishing on wet and slippery surfaces. Studded and cleated soles offer unmatchable traction on slippery places. The metal spikes built into the soles provide incomparable grip and are suitable for fishing on rapid water.

To conclude, the one thing to keep in mind while buying fishing shoes is that always prefer quality over anything else. Invest in a good brand of shoes that will last you longer. Do your research and select the shoes depending on the kind of fishing you are interested in. From waders to water shoes, the options are aplenty. Durability, traction, style, and protection are the key points to focus on before buying men’s fashionable fishing shoes.

By Erick Ycaza

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