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Here’s A Breathtaking Visual Treat For “1984” By WinstonW



1984 by WinstonW
Three weeks ago, Synthwave/Electronica Producer WinstonW dropped a track inspired in George Orwell’s classic sci-fi novel “1984”. At long last, there’s a music video which features breathtaking scenes that will remind you of some iconic moments of its movie adaptation. In fact, it can be seen that love is prohibited in a totalitarian future society. Over and above that, the music itself matches so well with this scary futuristic vision.

Characterized by dark nuances and in favor of an Industrial-esque beat, the French artist provides lyrics that contain an overview of this frightening theme. Sincerely, it is difficult for me to think of a human race living in such a cold atmosphere. The powerful feeling of love is the basis of society, and we must always struggle for our freedom and rights. In my opinion, that’s the important takeaway message behind this interesting tune.



By Erick Ycaza

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