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Hip-Hop Will Never Die With Creative Rappers Like Take1



Hip-Hop Will Never Die With Fresh Creative Rappers Like Take1
Besides being a prominent football player, Justin Tuggle aka Take1 is a creative rapper in the making. Hip-Hop will never die because its main definition not only encompasses music. In fact, it also forms part of a culture across the world that keeps growing each year. Therefore, many followers of this genre will feel identified with his melodies and the most recent single, “On Ya Mark”. What’s more, his impressive lyrics talk about self-confidence, which reflects true emotions.

Inspired by a certain stage of his life, where he learned to trust in his own self, Take1’s purpose is to share a positive message through “On Ya Mark”. With an upbeat attitude, catchy hooks, plus a melodic flow, you won’t want to miss one of his best jams to date, which is featured on his new 12-track album, ‘Calculated Chances’.



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