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How An Abandoned Pool Became A Music Video: Munatix – Fool Around



Munatix is leaving a mark on YouTube due to the inventiveness behind their latest release, “Fool Around. Surprisingly, they turned an abandoned pool into an original music video worth watching.

Of course, its concept draws attention because the entire facility was scheduled for demolishing.

Located in the town of Landen, Belgium, authorities at Sportdienst Landen granted permission and the Synthpop duo did the magic happen!

Despite the nightmarish filming experience as the water was dripping from the ceiling on synthesizers, the drone cam captured high-quality shots. Besides, video director Kevin Vonckx from Vos Media was able to overcome difficulties in the middle of intermittent electric outages.

Above all, nobody would have thought there’s something striking about empty spaces that spice up art. With this in mind, visuals are eerily awesome and everything came together nicely.

abandoned pool

On the other hand, the bombastic melody embraces a vintage feel which is pure gold.  In my opinion, the energetic vibe and the danceable beats will even raise the dead. It’s so convincing thanks to the synth arpeggios.

What’s more, lyrics describe a night out of a guy who just wants to ‘fool around’ and chase a girl that is playing hard to get. Does this sound familiar to you?…



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