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How Important Is It To Build Relationships In Business?



How Important Is It To Build Relationships In Music Business?
Everyone you have in your life went through three different levels in our lives and became who they are today. It could be a business person with whom you have a very strong business relationship, and it could be people in your life who are your strong friends in your business.

Your relationship goes through a filtration process that takes you from initiation, maintenance of a relationship and at last, it becomes advance in nature. Some people remain at initiation level, some reach the maintenance level, and very few reach the advanced level of relationship with you.

Just like in your personal life, you need advance relationships in your business life. You must have advance relationships with your business community if you want to succeed.


The first level of building relationships is initiating new contacts. In business, if you do not do this step very well, the chances of you succeeding as an entrepreneur or businessman or women goes low. This is because you do not give yourself enough opportunity of new relationships that can lead you to something very big. Therefore, make sure you make many new contacts.

Some of the people who are your best friends were at some points were completely unknown to you, and you built that relationship from scratch. In the same way, you must put your sincere efforts in making business contacts. It does not matter what kind of business you are doing. It could be a very high-level showroom business or a small cleaning services, such as cleaning services New York, you must make contacts to expand your business.

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The second level of business relationships is maintaining that relationship. Now, you have hundreds of people that you know in your business community, you filter them and make some of them your business partners.

Some people are good at initiating new contacts but bad at maintaining them. You must learn this art if you want to succeed as a businessman or businesswoman. You must have coffee, dinner or hang out with your business friends. You maintain a good relationship which is neither good or bad.


This is the highest level of business relationship is advancing relationships. Many people can be good at initiating and maintain business relationships, but there are very few people who know how to reach the advanced level. There is a complete challenge that you face from going to advance level of relationship from merely and maintenance level of relationship.

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When you have a lot of business relationships that you are maintaining, you find people with whom you are more comfortable than others. You must choose between these options to select those that help you grow and groom as a business person. It means that to go from maintaining relationships to advance level, you minimize your relationships.

This is the whole filtration process that a person goes through in the business life to make everlasting relationships. It is important to be aware of each step of choosing people in your business life because ultimately, they are going to influence your business decisions.

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