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How Music Affects Consciousness, Emotions And Productivity



how music affects consciousness
Music has always been a part of our culture. People have always been attracted to rhythmic sounds, songs, and musical accompaniment. However, what are the reasons that make music so important to us? We know that there is so much more to music than just entertainment. It works wonders with our nervous system, brain, and memory. Let’s have a closer look at how music can affect us.

Eases stress

Our nervous system responds well to music. A person who knows that they are prone to anxieties can help themselves by listening to music. Why? Well, they know that music, or maybe just natural sounds, will calm their nerves. Whenever we are under stress, it is the brain thinking that we are in danger. So stress is there to keep us alert at all times. It helps with survival in the wild but doesn’t work well when we are simply panicking over an overdue paper. In cases like this, it is always better to order an essay at, put on some relaxing music, and signal your brain that you are no longer in any danger.

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Regulate emotions

Music has the power to affect our emotions. Our brain senses the mood in the music and copies it. This way, we feel what the musicians wanted us to feel. It is also the reason why music is so popular in the media, such as movies or advertisements. Music serves as a clue to what we are supposed to feel at the moment. It helps us to feel the character’s state of mind on a much deeper level.

In personal life, we can use music to get into a specific mood with little effort. It is especially useful when you need to focus, stay calm, or change some of those sad thoughts into good ones. Music can also inspire and motivate us. It all depends on the message that is hidden in the sounds we hear as well as our ability to interpret them.

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Music is one of a few internationally understood languages that we all can speak. It stands along with body language and facial expressions. Regardless of whether a person has heard a song before or not, whether it is close to their culture or not, they can always feel what the song’s purpose is. Just by listening to music, we can tell if it is a sad or a happy song if it celebrates something, motivates, seduces, and more. We can do this due to the emotional coloring each song has.

It increases our productivity

Your productivity levels can greatly depend on your experience with certain songs. You can make some songs more important, motivational, or inspirational than others. It is the play of associations. You recall the last time you heard a song, or maybe the first time you did, and it immediately brings you back into that state of mind. So, if you heard a song when you were upset, you may feel some tingles of sadness, even if you have to reason to be down at the moment. If you were listening to the song while running a marathon, you would feel that flow of self-confidence and strength washing all over you again.

It happens mainly because our memory works best when we include our senses, like taste, smell, or listening. You may not even recall what the day was when you hear the song, but you will surely recall how you felt that moment. It is a very interesting psychological phenomenon to explore. You can even order paper online to learn more about the science of it.

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Knowing this trick, you use it to your advantage. Listen only to specific music when you study, maybe try classical music, for better concentration. Then, right before your class or exam, turn on that music again when you repeat the materials. Your brain will have a much easier time going back to the state when you learned all of that.

It helps us focus

How many times have you thought, “Hey, I better pay someone to write my paper cheap, cuz I will never finish that on time”? It happened to all of us more times than we are ready to admit. But then you put on that one song that always keeps you going, and you finish all your homework like it was nothing to you. Why do you think that happens? Well, it is all the power of music.

Simply playing music in the background can help you reduce the destruction. It doesn’t just block the outside noises you don’t like. It also helps you to keep those voices in your head down. People are not great multitaskers. When you listen to music, while you try to focus on one thing, music diverts your attention from everything else, even from your body signals. You may not notice that you are hungry, tired, or even in pain.

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