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How To Be A Good Storyteller And An Interesting Interlocutor?



How To Be A Good Storyteller And An Interesting Interlocutor?
We all know that communication plays the very important role in our lives. For now, it is one of the best ways to make new acquaintances and new friends. Moreover, it is extremely hard to become successful without these skills. Working career, personal life, position in the society. Each of them demands the ability to communicate on a particular level that differs for oral conversations and for writing papers. It is something that people develop during the entire lifetime. For someone to be the good collocutor means the world, as they use it for a living, working, traveling, etc.

Being a perfect storyteller is like cooking

On the one hand, you can boil the potatoes with water and salt and have a flavorless soup. Otherwise, you can add the meat, different vegetables (carrot, onion, cabbage, etc.) and seasoning to cook a tasty soup that everyone will highly appreciate.

Criteria that indicate the high level of communication. There are several points that characterize you as a good communicator.

Vocabulary: To be an excellent storyteller and an interesting interlocutor you have to have the rich vocabulary. Your speaking sounds better when you use different synonymous, comparison, idioms. Reading is the best way to expand your vocabulary. By doing that you study not only words, but also the collocations, sentences, and the situations when to use it. This point also will help you to improve your writing skills such as essay writing, writing e-mails, letters, etc.

Body language: If you tell the story like a robot, without emotions and gestures, your audience will become bored and asleep. Because listening to only the naked words is hard and tiring. It is not necessary to sign up some theatrical classes to learn the body language. Watch different lectures and speeches (TED channel or something like that) to understand what the body language is and how to use it.

Intonation (tone): Monotonous speech is the worst. Murmuring and mumbling distract people easily. The right intonation can be a strong tool in your hands. The best way to obtain the art of intonation is to listen to different podcasts. Listening podcasts helps you to concentrate on the sounds and tones instead of visual objects.

Wide worldview (awareness in different fields): If you live in a gated society and never leave your comfort zone, it is hard to speak with other people. If you know nothing about the world outside, you will not be able to support the conversation. Try to keep up with the times, read the news and custom essay help at, follow the latest world’s achievements and so on and you will be able to speak with anybody.

Interaction: No matter who do you speak with, you should always remember, that you are not alone. Continuous speaking, interrupting, and ignoring the speaking partners or audience is the most serious mistake. Speaking is not as the paper writing. You have to listen to them, to understand their emotions, to take into consideration their desires, remarks, viewpoints. Otherwise, you will be the selfish and uninteresting speaker.

Some people got their communication skills with the mother’s milk. The others have to learn how to communicate by themselves. In the second case, it requires hardworking, patience, purposefulness. However, it will pay off. With good communication skills, your life will change a lot. Once you obtain those skills, the doors that always were closed for you will open and you will get new opportunities, new emotions, and new world. It is easier to find yourself and to make your dreams to come true when you are an excellent storyteller and desirable interlocutor. Never give up and you will get whatever you want.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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