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How To Boost Your Confidence As A Musician



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Becoming a musician is hard work; it takes time, education, and courage. Many people have the talent to become brilliant musicians but lack the confidence in writing songs and performing. Often this lack of confidence comes from imposter syndrome, where the artist feels they are not good enough or are a phony in the profession. Imposter syndrome is a common cause of many confidence and self-esteem issues in industries where you have to put yourself and your talents on the line. Nevertheless, there are several ways that musicians can boost their confidence and improve self-esteem.

Be Kind to Yourself

The first and foremost way to improve confidence is to be kind to yourself. People often become very self-critical of their work and the music they make, which is a sure-fire way to lower self-esteem and self-confidence. Being kind to yourself will undoubtedly reverse these effects.

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Honing your craft takes practice, which in turn can boost confidence since you will feel you’re better and better at what you do. You will find you feel far more at ease performing a song if you have practiced a lot beforehand. Like any art or craft, music must be refined and built upon. Every musician, even the most famous and most brilliant, takes time to practice their talents.

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Look and Feel the Part

Your image plays a significant role in the music industry, so it is essential to feel your best. To do this, you have to take pride in your appearance, and dress to impress. Dressing well does not mean you have to get yourself a stylist or spend lots of money on the latest fashion items, instead take time to choose clothes you love, clean up, and maybe put on your favorite fragrance.

There are many styles out there and many ways to freshen up. It can be fun choosing how you want to present yourself to the world. Understandably this can be an overwhelming decision at times to explore different appearances or additions to your look. For example, subscription services like Scent Magic allow you to figure out your favorite fragrance, which gives you room to tailor your look and smell.

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Dressing well and feeling good changes the way you carry yourself and interact with other people. It also shows that you take yourself seriously. Both of which will help boost your confidence.

Adjust Your Posture

The way you hold yourself can make a massive difference to how you feel on stage or performing. Even the slightest posture change can alter your confidence dramatically. How you carry yourself tells a story, so try to do that with pride. Even if you are not feeling confident, changing the way you’re holding yourself can help the story you tell yourself. So, whatever you are doing, from sitting in a music business meeting to performing on stage, adjust your body language into something more powerful and self-assured. This will undoubtedly make a difference in how you feel and your confidence.

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