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How To Build Your Own Locksmith Business



How To Build Your Own Locksmith Business
Working as a car or residential locksmith or both can be an independent and lucrative business. However, you’ll have to invest time and money in locksmith training and equipment such as lock pick sets. The good thing is that the payoff can be massive. In this primer, you’ll learn how to successfully start your own locksmith business in Dunwoody, Ga.

Here are the 12 steps you need to follow:

Step #1: Know your state’s legal requirements

Requirements vary from one state to another. For instance, some require certification, insurance, licensing, and bonding. Consult your state Attorney General or local government for more information on the same.

Step #2: Undertake locksmith training

While formal education isn’t necessary for you to become a Locksmith in Dunwoody, Ga for example, vocational classes are available which could assist you strengthen your skills and establish credibility.

Step #3: Hone your skills

Picking different locks is among the most challenging skills locksmiths have to learn. The same applies to installation. Therefore, you should practice as much as possible in order to gain the relevant skills.

Step #4: Select specific areas to specialize in

Some of the categories you can focus on include residential installations, vehicle lockouts, or home lockouts. The field you opt for determines the type of equipment you require and your marketing efforts.

Step #5: Purchase relevant supplies and tools

Lockout kits, lock pick sets, rekeying kits, code cutting machine, key duplicator and a generator are some of the tools and equipment you’ll need for the job.

How To Build Your Own Locksmith Business

Step #6: Choose a business location

You can choose to work from a rent office space or out of your home office. Your business location must have ample space to store equipment as well as a computer to handle finances, marketing, and billing.

Step #7: Get a van

A work van not only adds credibility to your business, it’s also handy for holding equipment.

Step #8: Decide whether you need employees

If all goes well and your business gets busy, you might need extra locksmiths for overnight or late coverage. If you decide to hire employees, make sure they’re experienced and bonded.

Step #9: Set prices and have a financial plan

Locksmith equipment can be costly. For this reason, you should not only budget for purchases but also remember to include overall costs when you’re setting the prices.

Step #10: Consider word of mouth advertising

Begin by handling jobs for neighbors, friends, and family. That way, you’ll start to get referrals, which will go miles to boost your business.

Step #11: Network with the local business owners and other locksmiths

You should purpose to be part of groups such as Associated Locksmiths of America in order to keep up with news and trends and also get training. You’ll also be equipped with resources of how to run your business successfully.

Step #12: Advertise your locksmith business

Having an ad in the local directory or Yellow Pages is essential. Additionally, you should list in your business in other online directories such as MapQuest and Google Places. Don’t forget to put ads in online and local newspapers.

Starting your own locksmith business shouldn’t be as challenging as many people put. All you need to know are the various steps involved. The above are the twelve steps you need to follow to build your own locksmith business.

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