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How To Build Your Perfect Hi-tech House?



Hi-tech House
Building a smart home is not a dream anymore. It is not hard to build as long as you know how to approach the idea in the right way. We have seen technology and interior designing go hand-in-hand to the extent that we can enable inanimate objects using Wi-Fi.

There is certainly a growing trend of smart homes that focus on health and energy. Automated lights, curtains, and the best studio monitors for home recording are just some of those devices you will find in a perfect tech-home.

But Why Build A High-tech House?

One most primary reason to build a high tech home is because of lifestyle. Technology is a part of modern life; we use it in some form or the other every day. If you could somehow bind all the technology you use on a daily basis, you will find a hub of convenience, comfort, relaxation, entertainment, and communication.

remote home control
The other reason is smart energy saving and economy. Smart technology does not depend on the fluctuating energy prices or on utility providers; instead, they use a source like geothermal, wind and solar. Also, modern energy sources and corresponding systems require far less maintenance compared to traditional methods and are much more long-lasting.

Getting Started

There are a lot of standalone gadgets that are available in the market today ranging from glass that changes from transparent to opaque and remote control curtain tracks, as well as other lighting, entertainment and surveillance systems.

home gadgets
There are many manufacturers that have launched products that can be controlled via a remote. A good home automation system should be seamless. Ideally, you would want to end up with something that has a single touch panel for everything.

Planning Ahead

It may sound all good to set up an autonomous system for our home, but it is a daunting task. It might take up to a few years to complete your dream home too. You need to think about certain products and features that you would want in your home, take a good look at the infrastructure of your house, and be open for aftercare if you want to upgrade later or if anything goes wrong. For an ideal automated home, you should carefully look at:

1. Voice control
Once you begin turning on the heater or changing the lights with your own voice, there is absolutely no turning back. Today, we have two main choices for controlling a home with a voice – Google Home (Google Assistant) and Amazon Echo (Alexa Assistant).

voice control
Google is a newer platform than Alexa and has the advantage of the inbuilt Google Assistant, thereby allowing you to search for information faster. On the other hand, Alexa has been around for a longer time and is easier to control smart home devices.

Echo and Google more or less work with a wide array of devices. But, which one is right for you? While Echo has been in the game for quite some time, Google is new and it is worth noting that there are many more great features that are yet to come.

2. Lighting
Lighting is the simplest to look at for equipping it your smartphone. You get smart bulbs to fit most standard fittings. Some systems like the Phillips Hue range consist of a hub that communicates with compatible bulbs. This means that instead of being controlled by your phone, it is fitted with motion sensors that communicate directly with the hub.

lightling home
Some lighting systems have bulbs that communicate with the Wi-Fi system. Therefore, you can control them whenever you want via the Cloud or your smartphone. These bulbs, for example, LIFX range bulbs tend to be more expensive than the hub system because there is no single point of failure. In the case of Phillips Hue range, if the main hub dies, the smart lighting system dies.

3. Security
Security is another aspect you should always look for when you are setting up your smart home. There is a wide range of devices related to security like motion detectors, cameras, etc. While setting up security is a bit on the complicated side, you could get some personal advice from a security retailer or company like Maplin, which offers a Smart Home Survey. But, if you wish to do it alone, you can go for a kit that includes a hub and range of devices like the Panasonic Home Safety Starter Pack.

security tech houseThe most important thing to do here is to audit what you need to secure to make your house safe. There is no point in fixing cameras or motion detectors only in one aspect of your house, you have to prioritize it according to the possibility of a break-in.
Finally, Setting Up the Budget

The cost of building a smart home is going to be huge. But luckily, there are some devices that are not so expensive. These inexpensive controls have lesser components and capabilities that high-end brands, but will fit an average homemaker just fine.
Practically, your dream setup will still outstrip your budget; therefore, you need to be ready to scale down your ambitions. Scaling down is less about cutting cost and more about prioritizing what you want in your house.

Final Thoughts About Hi-tech House

Using the latest technology for your house is the smartest thing to do in today’s times. Not only it is genuinely useful, these appliances will save time and stress; they also make your house look incredibly valuable. A high-tech home incorporates convenience and innovations and will be capable of adapting to future technology.

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