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How To Choose The Right Watch For You



How To Choose The Right Watch For You
There are plenty of watches in the world which range from designer to the ordinary ones. The masterpieces also come in different sizes shapes and colors for people to select from. Some watches are designed specifically for a particular gender. For example unlike for a woman who can easily rock a man’s watch the same case cannot happen to a man. Women’s watches are crafted in different styles colors and also designs.

So how do you choose, the right watch for you?

The diameter

The diameter of the watch is one factor that influences people in selecting a wristwatch. The men’s watches are designed with a diameter of face that ranges from 34mm to 54mm. The choice of the size depends on individual’s choice or even the kind of outfit you are wearing. If you are wearing a shirt, you may consider a watch that has a higher diameter such that the shirt will not cover it. This is if the shirt if a bit longer and extends over the ankle. But if you are wearing a short sleeved t-shirt a small diameter watch will work. But then again this depends on the individual’s taste. If you like to wear large watches, then 54 mm watch will be your choice. You can check out some watch sizes from different companies like Invicta Watches and also learn how to pair them.

The style

Watches just like clothes are trendy. Various brands have been on the market for a long time while others are being invented year in and out. So if you are the kind of a man who is into the vintage styles or you are a loyal customer of a particular brand, you will always look for watches from that company. Some men are evolutionary and want the latest and trendy watches in their accessory collection. Some of the old designs may be even more expensive as compared to the new inventions. This can be due to the models or even the styles. Check out a review here to learn more about different styles of watches that you can choose.

watch price

The price

The amount of money you have determines the kind of watch you will get. Do you want to rock a watch that you checked on the red card? Well, be prepared to spend thousands of money to get one. The prices of the watches do vary depending on the style, material, features and also the brand. Some watches are made with pure gold; other contains diamonds and so on. The more stylish the watch is, the more it would cost.

The purpose

Not everyone who can afford to buy watches to match with their different outfits. In such cases, you will need to buy a few collections that are multipurpose. This means that the watches should have neutral colors and sizes such that you can wear them with just any outfit in your wardrobe. This is essential for those living on a budget.

Just like regular outfits, a man should take their time when selecting a watch. Remember a watch is an accessory that complements your entire look and if it blends well with your outfit everyone around you will notice it. Also, consider the above factors before you select the right watch for you.

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