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How To Clean Tile Floor Like A Real Stylish Man



How To Clean Tile Floor Like A Real Stylish Man
Cleaning the tile floor like a fashionable stylish man and the tiled walls may seem relatively simple. Things are not that simple, though. The lighter the tiles are, the dirtier they will become, and it will not be so easy to clean them in just a few steps. If you manage to keep the tiles clean and tidy, you are the lucky ones, but if you are part of the category two, of those who “fight” every day against the stains on this surface, then you will have to follow our guide below.

Cleaning the tile floor

– Essential Tips Whether the tile is dark or light, a thorough cleaning is necessary. Still, white, cream or other open or pastel shades “absorb” all the mess and all the stains! For starters, it is recommended to buy a recommended detergent to remove white products from the terracotta (bathtub, sink, etc.) and spray it entirely on the entire surface of the tile. Because they are likely to have a strong and toxic smell, you should open the window and ban children and animals from accessing the room.

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Let the product act for 5 to 10 minutes and then take two brushes: a large one and a small one (the small brush can be a very sharp brush). Brush the big brush with the brush in place, and in the areas where it tastes or in which the kit is wiped with the toothbrush. It’s hard work and it takes at least 20 minutes, but the final result will be amazing. After cleaning the brush with brushes, spray a layer of cleaner and then wipe the tile with a mop soaked in clean water and tile detergent. Careful! To keep the clean sandstone, it’s best to forbid family members from hitting the house. Ask them to descend to the door and wear a pair of slippers.

cleaning tiles
Cleaning the tiles

– What to do Kitchen faience is often stained with food or oil, while bathroom faucets always have soap and lime stains. Because it’s not always at your fingertips to wash the tile every time a stain develops, it’s just the option of cleaning it thoroughly once a week. It’s true that it’s not as dirty as the sandstone, but you have to give it just as much attention because the tile in the bathroom can show signs of mold. The latter is a danger to your health, so do not ignore the problem. In the first instance, it is enough to wipe the fabric with a cloth soaked in warm water and liquid soap (it is very squeamish, so you will soften the deposits on it, then spray a liquid with alcohol and wipe the tile with a dry cloth.

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In terms of mold, whether it is present or not, it is good to put a sufficient amount of chlorine in the bathroom, then rinse the tile with cold water and leave the room to air well, especially after a hot and long bath. Also in trade, you will find special solutions that prevent the appearance of mold – you can use them with confidence.


Always pay attention to your tile floors and room conditions and use cleaning products accordingly. Experts also advise having a steam mop around since it’s quite efficient and doesn’t require chemical products when used.

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