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How To Deal With Nerves During A DJ Set?




How To Deal With Nerves During A DJ Set?
Getting to a club early lets you plan your evening properly and gives you time to get used to the equipment, chat to the bar staff and promoter about what kind of night they think it’s going to be and steady any nerves that may have snuck up on you.

Dealing with nerves…

Unless you’re a rock, you’ll feel nervous on the first night you play. If you’re lucky, your nerves will subside with time, to be replaced by magical, nervous excitement. I believe that the moment you stop getting that excited feeling in your stomach before playing a DJ set, you should take stock and ask yourself whether you still love what you’re doing or are just going through the motions.

You may be tempted, but try not to turn to alcohol as a way to get over your nerves, even if it’s free. You want to be as clear-headed as possible when you’re playing.

Dutch courage isn’t courage, it’s a mask. Your nervousness reduces after a few good mixes anyway, but you should leave yourself aware of this feeling and use it as a reminder that what you’re doing is important, and your fear of messing up is born of your desire to be a great DJ.

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