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How to Dress for Your Big Night Out?



How to Dress for Your Big Night OutFeeling festive? Have a party to go to? Parties are always fun, but preparing for them can be a hassle, whether you’re setting up or merely deciding what to wear. Dress especially is important at a party, since people are often judged based on how they look, even if that’s not necessarily the right way to go. If deciding what to wear to a party gives you more trouble than quantum mechanics, this article will provide you with some suggestions to rev up your confidence in choosing what to wear.

The Occasion

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when going to a party is the occasion of it. Always make sure to be aware of exactly the type of party you are going to, and if you’re not positive about what the atmosphere will be like, wear something neutral: a flattering black dress is always a good option, and so is a casual blouse and pants.


Try for festive but comfy. Christmas parties are typically hosted by friends or family, and at these gatherings wearing something too shocking is not the way to go. Bold colors are good, but short shorts are not. Wear a striking blue or white blouse with a V cut and black or blown pants that spell classy. White is also a great color, but stay away from an all-black outfit. Wearing all black or dark colors for Christmas may make you appear gloomy, especially on one of the darkest days of the year. Instead, try out fun patterns and don’t be afraid to show a little of your personal fashion sense.

New Year’s:

This is the time to throw on your sexy clothes and stun all those around you! New Years is usually a time of fashion adventure; you don’t have to wear something that would cause mothers to turn their kids away, but boldness is certainly suggested here. Cocktail dresses are great- so are bright or stylish tuxedoes. Shoes can be just about as outrageous as they get at this type of party, provided you don’t fall on your face trying to walk.


Birthday parties can vary greatly in formality, but knowing who’s hosting is usually most helpful. If you’re going to the birthday of someone who has young kids, and you know those kids will be present at least for some part of the night, wear something that will enable you to enjoy your time with them as well as with the adults. A colorful jumper is a great idea because it would allow for easy movement yet not seem as boring as regular clothes.

If you will be attending someone’s birthday party without kids, you have more freedom to dress as you like. You could wear a short dress, but remember: this is the host’s birthday, not your own. That means the spotlight should be on the host, not on you. Hence, you can make daring fashion choices, but do not go too crazy. Of course, if the party is your own, do try out something new! It’s a new year for your existence- highlight it with something memorable.


For any type of party, from the most formal to the most insane, jewelry makes an excellent addition to an outfit. It will not only contribute to an outfit’s uniqueness, it will also underline your personal style

and can make you appear classy, creative, and confident (which is always a plus- whether at a party or not).

As with clothing, Urbanbodyjewelry advise that you keep in mind the occasion to make the wisest choice of which plugs or tunnels to wear. Common sense applies: don’t wear skeleton plugs to a party hosted by your boss. But do experiment. Play around with colors and themes. For New Year’s parties, consider which Chinese astrology year it will be (Horse, Monkey, Pig, etc.) and maybe even pop some stunning animal-design plugs to spread the cheer. For Christmas parties, consider wearing simple tunnels in festive colors such as red, green or blue. And for birthdays: show your true style! Keep minding the host, but wear something that will give you pride!

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