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How To Get Better At Karaoke?




If you are a regular at karaoke nights, you would know the meaning of karaoke pity. It is when a singer sings without any idea of the music being played at the back and at ranges that do not sync with the beats and completely out of melody. One needs to understand when you are singing at a karaoke, your song is not a stretched chorus. You cannot sing with the notes being out of range and also by missing the beats of the song. Karaoke can at times go bad but doing these can be pathetic.

You could experiment with the notes of the song but when it comes to karaoke you should know you are singing in front a crowd so if you end up missing lines or not going in sync with the music, the results could be a disastrous experimentation. The best way here is to know the song you are going to sing very well and also having confidence that you can nail it as well. You could even spend a little time preparing it well before you get an invite for karaoke again, rather than panicking when it comes to performing. In this article we share with you some tips on how to get better at karaoke:

karaoke tips
1. Learn The Trap Of A Karaoke

You might think you know the ranges, hooks, and notes of the song you plan to sing for the karaoke. Of course, you would want to sing a song that the crowd would also enjoy with. But what if the song has twisted verses and a breakdown of musical ranges here and there? Hence when you choose a song think over these: Does the song have a really long intro or a guitar playing part in the beginning? Do you really know the verses well? Is the chorus being repeated over and over again to make the audience bored after a point? If there’s a rap part, will you really be able to pull it through? Consider these questions well and ask yourself “will you be able to?” If there’s a high chance of a no you will only be a laughing stock to the crowd and the people would want you off the stage.

2. You Should Sound Good.. Great… Best!

When you perform at a karaoke, it is more about how much energy, fun, and drama can you infuse to your performance that can even make a dull song come alive! However, if your voice starts cracking your performance won’t contain the fire that is required. So get a good sense of the vocal ranges in your song and see if you can hit them right. You could experiment with the scales in your shower and understand for yourself how high or low you can go.

Also, ensure that you know the musical equipments that will be used with the song when you perform. Furthermore, know how to hold the mic when you are singing.

3. Know The Obvious

There are some songs which are like karaoke anthems. A lot of people prefer singing the songs that they know well. However, there are some songs which should retire from the list of top karaoke songs as they are so often sung that the crowd no more seem to enjoy them. An example to this is “My Heart Will Go On”. If you sing this song on a karaoke night with a voice that is not of a pro and want the audience to enjoy it just because you know it is very popular chances are that they might not enjoy it as it is requested so often.

top karaoke songs
4. Learn Your Audience

Different kinds of crowd have different kinds of like and vibes. Some might like romantic songs, while others might like a Bruno Mars’s pop. If you are doing karaoke with a group that you know well then go ahead with the song of your choice but if you have never sung before the audience before, choose your song wisely. See the crowd if they are an old one who love Nirvana kind of stuff or a young crowd that appreciates The Weeknd.

5. Have Fun!

At the end, you have to enjoy the song you are singing and have a great time on stage. If your go-to song is the one that you do not enjoy yourself, chances are the crowd will not be able to connect with it either. Your voice will add fire to the karaoke when you will feel what you are singing. If you do not feel your song, nobody in the crowd will and it will show. The rhythm will come from your enthusiasm to sing the song from the heart. So go out there and know how to enjoy the time on stage!

A karaoke should be considered as a fun time. So don’t make a fuss and learn how to have a great time performing it. At the same time don’t be so drunk that you end up losing track of what you are singing. Don’t tell yourself over and over again that this is going to be a big performance – just go out there and have fun doing the karaoke! The crowd will connect with that vibe of yours.

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