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How To Get Rid Of Imposter Syndrome: 4 Useful Techniques



imposter syndrome
Therapists claim that over 70% of the world’s population suffers from imposter syndrome. These people are often embarrassed to express themselves because they are afraid they are not good enough or try too hard and become inadequate perfectionists. Typically, impostors catch themselves thinking that they are not competent, intelligent, and educated enough. For example, Penelope Cruz, who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, still goes on the set and fears she will be fired. Or a Formula 1 star Lando Norris, who has thousands of fans in the international 22Bet community, is constantly joking trying to hide his insecurity.

The inner impostor does not slumber and provokes you, planting destructive thoughts. If you do not work through the impostor syndrome in time, you will face its consequences later on. It is important to pay attention to the fact that there are two fundamentally different categories of people.

The first are those who, under the influence of the syndrome, do not dare to start something for which they are objectively ready. And even if the environment supports them and signals: “you are good, let’s go ahead.” But the person resists, inventing various excuses. The second category is those who do, but because of fear of failure and subsequent “social bullying,” they try too hard, and then devalue their results. It is worth noting that there are intermediate states between these groups, which depend on the degree of importance of this situation for the person and their personal awareness.

These tips will help you get rid of imposter syndrome and turn it into an advantage.

Hard Facts

Write down all the facts that confirm your professionalism and status. Write them in the format of numbers, names, and titles. Choose only those that do not raise questions or doubts and cannot be disputed. For example, your education, degrees, number of years in the profession, number of clients, and actual measurable results. Create a file of all the hard facts about yourself.

A Collection of Acknowledgements

When our clients, partners, or employees say words of gratitude, we are happy for a short time and then forget. And it is these words and emotions that are very powerful support for you. Make a habit of collecting any form of gratitude for yourself.

The Right to Err and the Experience Diary

Allow yourself to be wrong. Any failure is an experience. “Only he who crawls does not fall.” No business is without mistakes and failures because perfect people do not exist. Everyone has problems. It’s okay to fall and to rise.

Question only those actions that have not yet been done. Everything else is experience. And whatever it is, be grateful. After all, it gives you the opportunity to grow and become stronger in your business. To strengthen this position, keep a diary of experience, where you write down the events for which it is still difficult for you to be grateful, but which taught you something. And do not describe the event itself, but write what you have learned or what you will now do differently. For example, you went live and got confused. Conclusions? Next time, make up questions in advance about the topic of the broadcast. They will help you stay on track during the broadcast and continue the conversation from wherever you left off.

Regular Self-discovery

When you know your own strengths, you become more predictable and controllable for yourself. That is, you know what to expect from yourself in this or that situation and can arm yourself in advance with the right recipes. For example, if you forget the words in front of the camera, it is better to order yourself a teleprompter in advance. Or if your throat gets dry during performances, take water with you on stage.

Workshops can help you get to know yourself well. Take various courses on a regular basis, which will help you broaden your horizons. Learning now helps to avoid problems in the future.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.