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How to Have a Great Wardrobe on a Budget



How to Have a Great Wardrobe on a Budget

Post is courtesy of J Wingfield – American Shirting Collection

There are plenty of things in your life that will require you to have money to spend. Looking good has more to do with making the right choices than simply throwing money away on the latest, greatest, most fashionable and expensive clothing items you can find. And if you haven’t learned this yet, there’s no time better than the present to understand that more money doesn’t necessarily make for a great wardrobe. Here’s what does.

Get What You Need, and Only What You Need

Getting only the clothes that you’ll actually need is the number one tip for having a great wardrobe on a budget because it will prevent you from buying anything you’ll never end up wearing. If you don’t wear suits to work, don’t buy ten pairs of them, you’ll get by with just one. If you need to wear suits for work, don’t go out and buy ten pairs of jeans, because you won’t have the chance to wear all of them. You’ll always want to have at least one item of every type of clothing, but for those you tend to wear more often, more than one item might be warranted.

Learn to Build a Look with Basic Clothing Items

Here’s the thing with basic items – they are the building blocks of style because they’re very versatile. A single two-piece suit consists of a jacket and a pair of pants, and the two don’t always need to be worn together. You can take the jacket and wear it with chinos or dark denim, or you can take the pants and wear them with a sweater. You will need to have at least one dress shirt, because it goes well with everything and you can’t look sharp without it, and you’ll need at least one plaid shirt, because you can’t always look casual in a dress shirt. A good idea would be to also have a pair of dark chinos and dark denim pants, because, depending on the shirt and shoes you wear with them, they can look smart, or they can look casual. One sports coat for warmer weather, and one for colder, a sweater or two, and you’ll have plenty of building blocks to make a look for any occasion, with very little money spent.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Of course, every little while an item will fall through the cracks and wander into your wardrobe without being really needed. In order to find these items, you need to take a look at your wardrobe, once a year, and determine which items you haven’t worn a single time in the previous year. Those you haven’t worn are the items you don’t need, so you can get rid of them. Donating to a local charity is a great place for your clothes to end up.

There you have it. A few tips about building a better wardrobe, on a budget. It is possible that your needs will change, and with them, your wardrobe should change as well, but as long as you hold on to these principles, you’ll never spend too much money on the things you don’t need, won’t use, and every single penny you end up investing in your wardrobe will be a penny well spent.

How to Have a Great Wardrobe on a Budget
Post is courtesy of J Wingfield – American Shirting Collection

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