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How To Keep Up With Music Releases



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As a music lover, you’re probably always looking for new songs to add to your playlist. So how to keep up with new music releases? What’s the greatest way to keep track of new music releases?

Here are a few ways to keep up with the best music library and the most anticipated releases.

1. Radio

Thousands of mainstream and unsigned artists contribute their new music to radio stations every day. Having your music broadcast on a well-known radio station ensures that you will gain a following. To keep their listeners interested, radio stations keep up with the latest tunes, and they usually feature a show dedicated to the best-selling and newest singles.

2. Social Media

The best way to keep yourself updated with new music is by following your favorite artist on social media to learn about new music releases straight from the source. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also follow labels, music bloggers, music news sites, and critics. Social media is the easiest way for artists to communicate with their fans and market themselves and their music.

3. Music Blogs

Another approach for musicians to promote their music is to email the files to music bloggers, who will hopefully post the song along with a brief review. There are thousands of music blogs out there now, so finding one that matches your interests should be simple. In some circumstances, artists offer their releases to bloggers for them to review, while in others, bloggers write reviews for the music they’ve come across on their own. The easiest method to follow a music blog is to do some research on the numerous music blogs available and locate the ones that most closely reflect your station’s programming. You may then keep up with those blogs and even follow them on social media to stay up to date.

4. Youtube

When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, you will be notified when the artist uploads a new video or song. The nice aspect about YouTube is that it will suggest similar videos and songs to you so you can keep discovering new music.

5. Soundcloud

Thousands of musicians use Soundcloud to submit their music directly to interact with their followers and share it with the rest of the world. Every minute, an average of 13 hours of audio is published, so there’s plenty of music to explore!

6. Spotify

Spotify premium members have access to millions of songs on demand, and the service will constantly recommend new music to you based on your listening habits. Music discovery can be aided through pre-made playlists, radio, and social interactivity.

7. Noise Trade

Thousands of albums are available for free and legal download at NoiseTrade. Users can use this site to find new artists and songs, as well as download a single, album, or live session by providing their contact information. A fantastic tool for artists to grow their fan base and for fans to be informed about new releases.

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