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How To Lace Boots Military Style?



How To Lace Boots Military Style?
Do you want to learn how to lace your boots the military style? Here are the things you should know. Military officers take loads of things into consideration whenever they lace their boots. These officers come across straining activities whenever they are on call and as such, they have to be prepared. Who knows what might happen in the course of serving their motherland? To begin easy, there are certain factors to be considered when lacing their boots.

These include the following:

1. Comfort and Convenience: Officers do a lot of work, and with that, it is vital that whatever they put on does not cause them any form of uneasiness.
2. Smartness/Neatness: They must appear sharp, combatant and neat at all times. Therefore, whatever lace technique they choose must fit these specifications.
3. Ready to go: Many times, military officers get called at any time so their lace style must not be a setback for them. Instead, it should aid their speed and minimize stress.
4. Clothing Fit: Officers don’t want to be running or jogging and have an untied boot lace carelessly rolling on the floor. This might cause an accident, so precaution is advised. The lace does not have to be tight but it must be properly fitted and tucked in.

The Different Boot Lace Styles/Techniques Used By The Military:

a. Ladder Lacing: The ladder lacing is a rigid military boot lacing style. Military officers make use of this style especially when they’re at ceremonial guards or parades. The Ladder lacing style has a sharp and combatant look. Officers are very comfortable with it during parades because it is very tight, and it remains firm through long hours of marching.

How To Do The Ladder Lacing Boot Style For Military:

Firstly, you have to run your lace through the second eyelet of the boots. Miss the second eyelet and bring it out through the third eyelet. Take the inside lace over the sneaker and back in through the second eyelet. Bring back the lace into the third eyelet. Continue these steps till you get to the top. At the top, knot the ends of the lace tightly, and you’re good to go.

b. Army Lacing:

This lacing style supports flexibility in the ankle because it has a loose fit. Military officers love it because it is great for a casual day at the office.

Steps For The Army Lacing Techniques:

Firstly, you have to diagonally run your lace inside of the first eyelet. After that, you will have to place the lace in the same pattern inside in the second eyelet. Repeat these steps till you get to the top.Make sure you follow the same pattern and your diagonal lace run straight. When you get to the last eyelet, knot the lace ends firmly.

c. Criss-Cross Lacing:

Military officers use this boot lacing style commonly. The criss-cross technique is very simple, casual and comfortable.

How To Do The Criss-Cross Lacing Technique:

You begin the first step by passing the lace through the second eyelet and out through the bottom eyelets.

You have to cross the ends at each eyelet pair. You have to follow this pattern continuously until lacing is completed.Once you get to the top, you will have to neatly knot the ends and tuck them in, if possible.

d. Straight Bar Lacing: It is one of the most common lacing styles in the military. Many officers find this lacing technique simple and comfortable.

How To Lace Boots In The Straight Bar Technique:

The first step is to run your laces through the bottom eyelets. Afterwards, take the right lace and thread it straight up and through the next eyelet up from the inside, out. Then, you will take the right lace again and thread it across the boot to create the second bar. You will have to repeat the process again till the top, making sure the bar is at the same pattern and measurement. Tie the lace ends once you reach the top. It is advisable to give it a double knot for protection.

e. Double Back Lining Lacing:

Officers rarely use this technique. It is complicated and tasking but very firm. It strongly supports the feet. Military officers use this technique when crawling.

How To Lace Your Boots The Double Back Lining Style:

Firstly, you’ll have to pull the lace straight across the first pair of eyelet and in through the second from the top set of eyelets. Once this is done, you’ll have to skip past one pair of eyelets, which is the third eyelet. Run each lace end vertically between the bottom and second bottom eyelets. As you do this, make sure the laces end diagonally. You’ll have to double back to the eyelets you skipped and perform a crisscrossing technique there. Repeat this pattern till you get to the top. Knot the lace and you’re done.

This styles/techniques may be for military boot lacing but don’t be afraid to try them on your boots or sneakers as they are bold, smart, neat, firm, beautiful and they are protective lacing styles. How else can you experience the thrill of serving your country if you do not at least try something that these gallant individuals do?

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