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How To Learn Ukulele?



How To Learn Ukulele?
Playing an ukulele is such a fun that everyone enjoys. lt helps in various ways such as boosting our memory, concentration, coordination, joy, a sense of success and it even reliefs us of stress. Here are a few steps of learning how to play ukulele online.

Get an impressive ukulele

This is the stepping stone for everyone who is serious that he really wants to learn how to play ukulele. The prices of ukuleles do vary. I would prefer that you buy an ukulele that goes at the price of around $100. Although an ukulele that sets at a price of about $50 is not very effective, you can still purchase it and get ready to learn to know how to play an ukulele.

These low-grade ukuleles that sell at $50 are not capable of lasting in tune. You can proceed and look for “ukulele buying guide” to ensure that you get the best ukulele for your training sessions. If you have extra time, you can test some of them in the music shop to ensure that they are perfect.

Get to know how to hold the ukulele

This step may seem quite useless but it may come in handy in the future times. Take your time and try out some positions while either sitting down or standing. When in a sitting position, one is free to allow the ukulele’s body to lie on one of his legs while having your arm onto the ukulele. This will make the neck of ukulele to hang.

Get to know how to hold the ukulele
When in a standing posture, one should rest it on his chest and strum it there using your arms. Since practice makes perfects, you will need to practice this over and over again to ensure that you master the skills well. You will harvest the fruits of your practice in the long run.

I tend to think that a strap is not all that important to the ukulele since it makes the ukulele heavier than usual. When holding it, be careful not to hold it very tight as this will prevent the sound from vibrating well in the body of ukulele. After mastering all this you can just walk around or sit down comfortably while playing your ukulele.

Trying having fun

Ukulele is customized to give you fun. With your ukulele, you can do a lot of things. Don’t be cheated that ukulele is an instrument to be played by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Ukulele is an instrument that requires one to make regular practices so as to be perfect. After mastering even only the basics, one is already set to have a lot of fun from the ukulele. Just try to enjoy playing your ukulele and you will soon have much fun out of it.

Give the basics first priority

When watching video clips on websites such as YouTube, one will easily get to know that great things can be done using ukulele. Since every skill requires the basics, learning how to play the ukulele will also require you to master the basics first. When starting, it is advisable not to play fancy tabs that may be so big. One is instead advised to learn his basic chords.

ukelele instrument
Begin with the majors, go to the minors and then proceed with other chords. One chord called the UkoChords is very significant for this purpose as it gives one a perfect overview of all the other important chords. Once you have mastered your chords, you will be able to play the tones of your songs without having to think on how to play them. To be more perfect, you can check UkoChords Chord Library to see how to play all the available ukulele chord.

Practice skills on decent strumming

At the beginning, you may only be able to do the basic up and down method of strumming. After a period of time, you can learn other strumming skills such as muting of palm and even slapping. This will enable you to get an impressive experience out of your ukulele.

To learn how to strum, you can look The Ultimate Strumming guide. Songs are not usually accompanied with strumming patterns. Because of issues related to copyright, the MPA, Music Publishers Association does not allow songs to be accompanied with strumming patterns. You can learn to play the ukulele faster and develop with your unique patterns of playing it Listen to the song carefully and master the rhythms.

Make use of to master songs

All songs on UkuTabs contains the chord diagram for all chords in that song. This will make work easier since you will not have to search for the chord diagrams. When hovering over a chord in the song, the chord diagram will automatically pop up. Alternatively, you can transpose the song’s key to more simpler chords.

Keep Ukulele always in tune

Buying a best ukulele for beginners and kids is a first step. When you are learning to play ukulele, an out of tune ukulele may confuse you with wrong pitch.

Here I have some good news and bad news for you.

The bad one first. Regardless which ukulele brand you choose, a ukulele tends to be out of tune even when you don’t play it, so it’s very hard to keep your uke always in tune.

So how’s about the good news? Yeah, with a tuner, tuning this cute instrument is not that kind of hard.

I would like to recommend Snark SN6, a convenient and easy-to-use uke tuner. You can find this great deal and tons of good feedbacks for it on reddit.

Snark SN6
Plus, there are plenty of tuner apps for your smartphone. My favorite online tuner is The Ukulele App. It is developed by a famous YouTuber – The Ukulele Teacher.

Of course, it is also free and well-designed, that’s why I really love it.

Play as you listen to other people playing the ukulele

As you are watching people playing the ukulele online, bring along your ukulele and equally play as it is being played on the videos. You can then record yourself playing the ukulele and listen to it on a later date. This will enable you to notice where you could have gone wrong and even correct them. Eventually, strive to learn fingering practices and you will be well set.

In conclusion, I hope that you have seen that playing ukulele is such a fun and learning how to play it is not all that difficult. After learning how to strum it, you will reap a lot from your ukulele.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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