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How To Maintain Your Powered Speakers



powered speakers
Whenever we want to listen to music to relax, using powered speakers is one of the best ways to do it. There’s no need to connect other devices, such as receivers. Although using earphones is also possible, it could hurt our ears, especially when listening for a long time.

Powered speakers are investments as they give us many beneficial factors, such as relaxation and making the music sound better. So when we buy a pair, reading from reliable websites, such as MySoundSonic, can help us get the best value for our money.

Since our powered speakers are investments, we want them to have a longer lifespan. Of course, they will not last forever; however, we can keep them well-maintained for better sound quality and longer life.

Let’s find out how we can maintain our powered speakers.

Keep the Speakers Dust-free

Dust is one of the most common problems people face when taking care of speakers. When there’s dust present, it could enter the device’s interior, ruining its performance.

It could also affect the quality of sound it produces. For instance, dust entering the speakers’ net could block the sound, lowering the quality you hear. It could also ruin the parts inside, such as wiring and cables.

Keeping it away from dust is impossible. The best thing to do is to use a mini vacuum cleaner for hard-to-reach areas, especially when it comes to the interior.

Keep Them Away From Static

Our powered speakers have electrical components inside. However, even though it is completely shut off, there are still some things that could destroy them. The most common culprit is static.

Static is one of the major causes of electrical system burnout. This means your speakers will stop functioning and need to replace some parts.
Looking for parts can be difficult, especially if your speakers are a little outdated. You will need to contact the manufacturer and ask if they still have some of the parts.

The good news is that most speakers nowadays have static blockers. This means you don’t need to worry about the buzzing sound near your phone. Putting your phone near is one of the most common ways to get static, especially when it’s about to receive an incoming call or message.

On the other hand, if your speaker already has static, we recommend fixing it immediately before it gets worse.

Put it Away From Direct Light From the Sun

Direct heat from the sun can damage any device. For example, putting your laptop under the sun will get hot, burning some of its parts. This is highly similar to powered speakers.

When sunlight directly hits the speakers, the body will get hot, making the interior hotter. Fortunately, some speakers have a proper thermal design and are made to withstand high temperatures. On the other hand, most speakers don’t have it.

Another issue that sunlight could bring to your speakers is it could damage the exterior. The speaker’s body is usually made of wood. Direct heat could damage the wood. This will worsen the sound quality as the exterior material is critical to the sound it produces.

Proper Ventilation in the Room is Necessary

Since our speakers use electricity to produce music, it can get hot. If the speaker is placed in an area without much ventilation, it’ll get hotter quickly. Once the temperature gets higher, overheating could happen.

There are many ways to cool your home. Some of them can be expensive, while others are pretty affordable. You can choose either depending on your budget, but the most important thing is to keep good airflow in your room.

Placing the speakers near the fan could also work as it helps the speakers keep a low temperature when in use. However, if you’re planning to use your speakers for a long time, using an a/c could help.

Clean the Speakers Regularly

The most obvious thing you could do to your speakers is clean them regularly. It doesn’t take much of your time to do so.

It would help if you used a microfiber cloth to wipe the exterior. You need to ensure that there are no traces of mold and mildew, stains, and other signs of dirt.

If there are hard-to-remove stains, you can use a damp cloth to wipe them off. However, you must ensure you wipe the surface dry immediately. Avoid leaving any surface wet, as it could cause damage.

Keep in mind that the moisture could penetrate, ruining the body and, at the same time, making the sound quality low.

Make The Best Out of Your Powered Speakers

The things above might be simple for some people. Probably, the most challenging part is to do it regularly. However, these easy things can give our speakers the care they deserve.

Doing the steps above will let you enjoy your speakers until they retire, and time for you to buy a new pair. And the best thing about these tips is they are applicable to most speakers!

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