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How To Sell Your Music Online?



Selling your music online is easy and fast with the help of a service like Instabuck. The times are a changin’, as the music industry is going to the digital age, musicians need easier ways to reach their audience. What you really want is a cool way to share and sell your music.

With Instabuck you will never need to worry about servers, scripts and all that technical things that have nothing to do with your work. Thanks to this magnificent service you can deal with the problem in the next 3 minutes and focus to your creativity.

The most interesting thing about Instabuck, is that you can create your album to sell and automatically, it will appear on Facebook, where the timeline gets a player that previews the songs and people can actually buy your music straight from the social network, isn’t that cool?
You can get paid by selling your songs via Paypal, Clickbank, AlertPay or Liberty Reserve, depending on your selection. With this service you can also see real time sales analytics. The free trial with Instabuck is unlimited. They will charge you only after your third sale. Honestly, I suggest you to try it, it’s a good alternative way to win money if you are planning to sell music online.

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