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How To Spot Real Vs. Fake Sneakers?



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How do you feel when you buy sneakers online or in person, and you get home to discover you have purchased fake sneakers? No doubt, buying authentic sneakers could be one of the most difficult achievements. Many counterfeit sneakers would be portrayed real, but in the end, you want to be safe. To help you pick the authentic sneakers, I would show you how to spot real vs. fake sneakers. Read on!

5 Easy Ways to Spot Real Vs. Fake Sneakers

Check the Tags and Box
Before seeing the shoes, the box is the first feature that shows if the sneakers are real or fake. When you see a box that is all ripped or beat up, then it is probably holding counterfeit shoes. The cardboard used for constructing the box seams cheap, thinner and have low quality. What if the seller is careless and the box is destroyed making the box look fake when the sneakers are real? What should you do?

It is simple. Investigate the tag on the box. Check the size written on the tag, the spacing of the words, the font of words and the suggested retail price attached. Any deviation indicates fake.

Check the Insole
The insole of most real sneakers is typically glued and not snitched. But every brand has its method of constructing their insole. It might be snitched or glued. The insole of real sneakers would have the logo of the brand in a consistent, perfectly oriented manner.
sneakers insole
Mostly, manufacturers make the insoles of authentic shoes from advanced foam that is ultralight and provides excellent cushioning and arch support. The brand name is also printed on the insoles of real sneakers. A fake shoe can lack all these features.

Check the Stitching
If the stitching on a shoe is coming out, flawed and poorly oriented, then you probably have the fake. Each brand has its design of the stitch. It means you need to take a perfect look at the stitching. Any deviation from the normal is nothing but fake. If you don’t want to see, your sneakers rip off after few days of purchase you need to pay attention to the stitch of the shoes. Good stitching would help tackle adverse conditions.

Check the Overall Quality
Quality production, material, and design are what make sneakers authentic. The quality of sneakers should be checked in, out and on each side. Mostly, real shoes are lightweight and softer due to the quality materials used in the production. But fake sneakers feel more rigid and heavier. The insole of authentic sneakers should be well cushioned with quality foam, and the outsole should be made of high-grade rubber.

To check the overall quality, here are some questions you need answers to:
• Is the shoe the perfect pair, color, and size?
• Are the sneakers well aligned, and symmetrical?
• Are the stitches even?
• Am I holding lightweight or heavy sneakers?
• Are the insoles well cushioned?

The answers you give to these questions would tell you if you are holding fake or real sneakers.

sneakers quality
Do Research Online
You are not the first user, and you won’t be the last. It is an unarguable fact. It means there are past and present users of the sneakers who might have reviewed or comment about the sneakers online. Exploring the internet and making use of the reviews and comments can help you differentiate between fake sneakers and authentic or real ones.

Once you know the brand you want to buy, visit the manufactures website or online store. Check the product photos to see what it looks like. Check the different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs available. Compare it with the one you are about to purchase. It will help you figure out if it’s fake or real. There are also legit guide websites for different sneaker brands, for example LegitYeezy is a great website if you’re a Yeezy fan.

The Final Word on How to Spot Real Vs. Fake Sneakers
If you are investing in sneakers, then you should make sure you are spending your money on something that is worth it. With the five tips on how to spot real vs. fake sneakers mentioned above, you should be able to purchase without making a mistake of buying fake sneakers. Happy purchase!

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