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How To Thicken Your Facial Mane | Tips & Tricks



How To Thicken Your Facial Mane |Tips & Tricks
One interesting fact about facial beards is that it can prevent your facial skin from aging more. How? Facial hairs block pollutants and bacteria that cause acne and pimples. It also helps block direct sun rays from penetrating your skin and therefore prevents possible sunburn. A man’s genetical structure is the main cause of hair growth in the face, but sometimes, not all men have a thick facial beard. Others do not have any at all. If you’re one of the few who is having this kind of trouble, here are some remedies to get your facial mane to thicken.

1. BLACK PHOMTHONG NATURAL STIMULATING HAIR GROWTH CREAM – This hair growth cream from Thailand can grow not just your beard, but also your sideburns and eyebrows. This product will also even out your hair growth.

2. FACIAL HAIR GROWTH SERUM, Ginseng & Ginkgo  This natural herbal serum is made from Ginseng extract formula Thai method. The natural serum is safe to use and prevents other hair troubles; defeating dandruff and itchiness. See results in 60-90 days, depending on the condition of the hairs roots.

3. Natural Face Beard Mustache Growth Enhancer Fast Grow Liquid Oil Pen Design  Want an interesting way to grow your facial hairs? Why not try this Oil pen? Made from natural ingredients which are good for facial beard health, this is chemical free, no preservatives, no fragrance added. Manufacturers used traditional Chinese medicine to ensure maximum results.

4. MINOXIDIL 10% SILK PROTEIN FACIAL HAIR FAST GROWTH GROW MUSTACHE BEARD  Make sure to read the package first before using the product, as there are certain areas in the body that this product might not be effective, although there’s guaranteed results if you follow the instructions well.

5. Kismera Regenerating Cream for Hair Growth – Aside from making your facial hairs grow thicker, t also ensures that your hairs are stronger.

6. Green Magic Hair Growth Cream – This so called magic cream has been proven to work in as early as two weeks. It also solves bald spots and is guaranteed to give you satisfying results.

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Natural Remedies

· Proper hygiene and a good diet can help in a better hair growth.

· Whatever method you use in growing your beard, you must also know that beards or facial hairs will not determine your masculinity. There are so many ways to prove that aside from those facial manes.

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